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"POLDARK" Series Two (1977) Photo Gallery

Below are images from Series Two of "POLDARK", the 1977 adaptation of the following novels by Winston Graham - "The Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795" (1973), "The Four Swans: A Novel of Cornwall, 1795-1797" (1976), and "The Angry Tide: A Novel of Cornwall, 1798-1799" (1977). Produced by Morris Barry and Anthony Coburn, the series starred Robin Ellis in the titled role: Read more...Collapse )

"WAR AND PEACE" (2010) Review

"WAR AND PEACE" (2016) Review

I have a confession to make. I have never seen a movie or television adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's 1869 novel, "War and Peace". Never. Well . . . I once made an attempt to watch the 1956 movie adaptation directed by King Vidor. Unfortunately, I could never go the distance. In fact, I have never read the novel. Read more...Collapse )

"JUSTICE LEAGUE" (2013) Photo Gallery


Below are images from "JUSTICE LEAGUE", the fifth entry in the DCEU franchise. Directed by Zack Snyder, the movie starred Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill: Read more...Collapse )

Below is a list of my five favorite episodes from Season Two of "STAR TREK VOYAGER". Created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor; the series starred Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway: Read more...Collapse )

"NEMESIS" (1987) Review


"NEMESIS" (1987) Review

Although not highly regarded by many Agatha Christie fans, I have always been a long time fan of her 1971 novel, "Nemesis". It possessed a slow, melancholic air about it that has always impressed me. As far as I know, there have been a radio adaptation of the novel and two television movie adaptations. One of the latter was a BBC production that aired in 1987. Read more...Collapse )

"INCEPTION" (2010) Photo Gallery

Below are images from THE 2010 Oscar nominated science-fiction drama, "INCEPTION". Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie starred Leonardo DiCaprio: Read more...Collapse )

"Roger Moore As James Bond"


I always found it odd that many Bond fans tend to dismiss Roger Moore’s performances as a non-threatening Bond. While watching the "Special Features" segment for my "CASINO ROYALE" DVD, I saw the "Bond Girls Are Forever" segment in which Jane Seymour described her character’s relationship with Moore’s Bond. From what she and Maud Adams had said, I got the distinct impression that in his own way, Moore’s Bond was just as ruthless as the other Bonds. Read more...Collapse )

"AMELIA" (2009) Review

Below is my review of the new biographical film on Amelia Earhart, the famous aviatrix from the 1930s: Read more...Collapse )

Below are images from "THE FIRST GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY", the 1979 adaptation of Michael Crichton's 1975 novel, "The Great Train Robbery". Written and directed by Crichton, the movie starred Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland and Lesley-Anne Down: Read more...Collapse )



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